Belgium the death of a nation

Très bonne vidéo qui montre l’état de déliquescence de la Belgique et plus particulièrement de sa capitale Bruxelles.
Vidéo sous-titrée en anglais et néerlandais. Les témoignages de policiers sont saisissants.

Vidéo sous-titrée par : (blog anglais anti-islam mais pro-sioniste)

documentaire de la VTM il me semble.

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5 Responses to Belgium the death of a nation

  1. johnn8670 says:

    c clair quand je v a Bruxelles je me sens comme un poireau dans un champ de blé .

  2. johnn8670 says:

    au passage ça fait du bien d’avoir un blog de ce genre belge merci .

  3. Casper says:

    I am sad to see the violence that niggers cause in your great white nation of Belgium. My nation, America, are partly to blame for the world-wide violence caused by niggers and all who emulate them. Our media portrays the rape-hungry negro as a hero and something to aspire to. We are solely responsible for popularizing the cultural cancer known as hip-hop and rap music. For that, I am truly sorry that our media are ran by Islamic and nigger-loving imbeciles. Our pathetic nation is already slain by the African nigger. Our people are too stupid to realize that they are being Africanized by these shit-skins. They emulate the nigger because the television tells them that the nigger is superior to the white man and woman. Every city here has become unlivable. Burglary, rape, murder, and black-on-white violence are rampant. I can only hope that your people can stop the negroid onslaught before it is too late.

  4. L'Eugéniste says:

    Mes encouragements pour ce blog qui dit la vérité.

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